WaveSense JAZZ™ Wireless Blood Glucose Meter Kit

WaveSense AgaMatrix Inc.
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"WaveSense JAZZ WIRELESS Blood Glucose Meter from AgaMatrix So Easy......So Assured. The WaveSense JAZZ WIRELESS allows downloading of results without the need for a cable. It is no coding and has a fastest test time of 5 seconds with a tiny sample of blood. Simply insert the strip apply the blood sample and read the result. The value will be automatically downloaded to a paired device running the AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager App.

The unique WaveSense dynamic measuring technology also assures you of high accuracy testing by minimising the effects of many interfering factors in blood glucose monitoring. Don’t forget that the WaveSense JAZZ meter kit comes with 25 free test strips as well to make it a very cost effective solution for your blood glucose testing needs. About WaveSense products from AgaMatrix WaveSense is a brand of blood glucose meters and strips, manufactured by AgaMatrix Inc. designed to improve the quality of diabetes care by using a new technology that personalises each test to provide world class accuracy. It detects and corrects for many errors caused by differences in blood samples and environmental conditions. The WaveSense JAZZ™ WIRELESS blood glucose monitoring system is no coding, has a quick test time, and a small sample size of whole blood. It offers users an easy and accurate method of blood glucose monitoring. The Wavesense JAZZ WIRELESS has an easy to read LED display with sharp contrast digits. In the UK, WaveSense technology can be found only in JAZZ. For JAZZ WIRELESS meter users who register their meter, AgaMatrix offers a Freephone Customer Care Line. AgaMatrix is committed to providing both people with diabetes and the healthcare professionals in diabetes with the latest information in glucose testing and the best possible service to assist improvement in the care of people with diabetes. Don't forget to register your new WaveSense JAZZ WIRELESS meter." Warning: You should read all product packaging and labels carefully, prior to use.

1 WaveSense JAZZ WIRELESS Meter - 25 Test Strips - 10 Lancets (33G)
Owners Guide - Quick Start Guide - Logbook for Results - Two Spare Batteries (CR2032)

  • No Coding
  • 5 Seconds fastest test time
  • Tiny sample size - just 0.5ul
  • Automatic download wirelessly to AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager App
  • Small and convenient to carry around