NEW! CoolMeds 2-8 degC with thermometer

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The MediGenix CoolMeds 2-8 degC isothermic bag with an integrated digital thermometer

The MediGenix CoolMeds 2-8 degC isothermic bag has been specially designed, using high quality materials, to safely transport temperature sensitive medicine and is fitted with an integrated digital thermometer, giving peace of mind by allowing the patient to monitor the bag’s internal temperature without opening the bag. 2 - 8 degC for 12 - 18 hours 8 - 25 degC for 12 - 30 hours ( ie. insulin) (for vials, syringes and pens - NOT boxes or bubble packs) Features: Elasticated product loops and the netted pouch ensure that products are kept at the optimal position in the carry bag; Includes two Cold Packs with double outer covers which offers a longer cooling effect and durability during frequent use (code MGX-004); Includes two Buffer packs which absorb excessive cold and protect products from over cooling; High quality insulation and external canvas combined with a strong “book-style” zip for opening, makes it easy to use. Hotel Fridge Card included. This card can be used in hotels with card type activation of electricity thus ensuring the hotel fridge is running while out of the room. Dimensions when packed with cold packs, buffer packs and medicine is approximately: 22 cm (L) x 17 cm (W) x 11 cm (H) [8.7 x 6.7 x 4.3 inches] Shipping dimensions: 23 cm x 10 cm x 18 cm and weight 993 grams [9.1 x 3.9 x 7.1 inches, 2.2 lbs]

How to control the minimum temperature with two cold packs and two buffer packs

Leave the frozen cold packs on your kitchen counter until they develop a frosty condensation - approx.20-30 minutes.

Put the unfrozen buffer pads on top of each cold pack and slide them into the pockets of the bag and zip the bag closed. After a few minutes check the temperature of the thermometer - if it shows 0 degrees C your medication is safe to put inside because your medication is at 4 degrees when it comes out of the fridge. The cold pack temp. will slowly continue to climb and the medication temp. will start to drop. The 2 temps. meet at 2 degrees and from then onwards the bag has stabilised and the thermometer reading will reflect the temp of both the medication and the bag.

The unfrozen buffer pads, if positioned on top of the frozen cold packs, absorb the initial excess cold and protect your medication from dropping below 2 degrees.

If your fridge is colder than 4 degrees, then leave the frozen cold packs out a bit longer and place the medication in the bag once the thermometer shows 1 degree. Each fridge is a bit different so you'll have to work out how much time is necessary before the medication can safely go into the bag. The thermometer is there to help you as are the buffer pads but generally speaking, if the medication is at 4 degrees and the bag at zero then the medication can go into the bag without dropping below 2 degrees - you needn't wait until the temp. shows 2 degrees as you already have 2 degrees by which your medication can safely drop by (as it comes out of the fridge at 4 degrees).