GSF-SYRUP (12 sachets)

GSF-SYRUP / Hypo-Fit
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TWELVE x 18 gm sachets Comes in three flavours (mint, orange, tropical), each with 13.4 gm of carbohydrates. A 'Mixed' pack with 4 of each flavour is also offered.

GSF-SYRUP was formerly called Hypo-Fit. Nothing else has changed; still the same quality, quantity, variety and value!

Available in 18 gm sachets, each containing 13.4 gm (74.5%) of useful carbohydrates. 

For Air Travellers - the total volume of each sachet is 13 ml.
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 and some interesting comments.

  • The product contains no animal products or preservative, and has not been tested on animals.
  • NICE Clinical Guideline No.15 dated July 2004 gives the standard recommended guideline of 10-20 gm of fast acting carbohydrates to initially treat low blood sugar.
  • GSF-SYRUP is useful for energetic people, such as sportsmen or women, or hikers. It is presently used by mountaineers (and mountain rescue teams), cyclists, skydivers, footballers, golfers, skiers, surfers, track and field athletes and marathon runners.
  • 100 grams of GSF-SYRUP contains approximately: 74.5 gm carbohydrates, but no Protein, Fat, Natural Fatty Acids, or Sodium. 
  •  The calorific value of an 18 gm sachet is 228 KJ / 54 KCal. 
  • GI - approx 62. 
  • Ingredients: glucose, sucrose, fructose, flavour, and water (therefore absorbed more quickly: reference).

Ordering information

 AHF 54   1 x each flavour  PIP Code 362-6280
 325-O  12 x Orange  PIP Code 322-9952
 325-M  12 x Mint  PIP Code 322-9978
 325-T  12 x Tropical  PIP Code 322-9960
 325  4 x each flavour  PIP Code 322-9986
In Australia and New Zealand you can buy GSF-SYRUP from Medica Limited in New Zealand!  There it's called Hypo-Fit.