About Us

Arctic Medical Limited was established in 1993, and has been involved with diabetes care since 1994.  This has given us an extensive knowledge of the needs of people with diabetes.  The main stages in our history can be see by clicking here.


This website was established out of this knowledge, in order to give people with diabetes access to a wide range of products not available in mainstream pharmacies.  Although many of these products are imported we still endeavour to give outstanding value to our customers.


Apart from diabetes care we have catered for suffers of gout by supplying the first hand-held Uric Acid Monitor in the World from 2003. 


Looking to the future we are always keen to add products to our ever expanding range, so please check the “New Products” tab on the website, regularly.


We hope you find this site useful, and please note, if you have problem with it, or need more information than given here on our website, please do not hesitate in contacting us by e-mail or telephone. 


Our opening times (UK) are:

Mon - Thurs: 0930 - 1515

Fri:                0930 - 1315

Except National holidays