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Delivery time:UK 3-5 days, non-UK 15 days
The Insul-Cap is applied to the top of the insulin bottle and has a needle guide to help direct the syringe when loading it with insulin, saving you the frustration of broken needles caused by misalignment.
Allows for safe and convenient loading of syringes for patients restricted to the use of only one hand, unstable hands, or who have visual problems, Fits most standard syringes and insulin bottles, Allows user to withdraw hard-to-reach insulin from the bottom of the bottle, Easy to put on, store and remove, Keeps bottle tops sanitary, Package set comes with two sets of different coloured caps for identification when mixing insulin Read/Download the Insul-Cap FAQ Read/Download the Insul-Cap Instructions

Wright Case

Medicool Inc
Delivery time:UK 3-5 days, non-UK 15 days
A Convenient way to transport a pre-filled insulin syringe.
The Wright Pre-filled Syringe Case makes transportation of pre-filled syringes as simple as carrying a fountain pen. Designed to fit in a pocket or purse, the Wright Pre-filled Syringe case holds most E-Z JECT, B-D, PharmaPlast and TERUMO syringes (not compatible with Monoject syringes). The interior is designed to safely hold the syringe plunger in "your" pre-set position with the approximate dosage. Constructed of impact resistant polypropylene. The kit comes with one black and one white case. Supplies Not Included BRAND SIZE FILL LIMIT B-D 3/10cc NONE B-D 1/2cc 49 Units B-D 1cc 68 Units E-Z JECT 1/2cc 40 Units E-Z JECT 1cc 60 Units TERUMO 1/4cc NONE TERUMO 1/2cc NONE TERUMO 1cc 70 Units

Prefill Flat Pack

Medicool Inc
Delivery time:UK 3-5 days, non-UK 15 days
7-place, pre-filled syringe, colour coded case made of high impact plastic. New low price while stocks last
Secures prepared syringes in a plastic cradle that prevents plunger from accidental activation. Snap-lock lid for each compartment. Available in Blue or Red. (Supplies Not Included)