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Arctic Medical Diabetes Care Products Diabetes-Express
 Inject Ease  CoolMeds Bag



 CoolMeds 2-8 degC

Gluco Powder


  iCool Prestige for Temperature Sensitive Medication

 WaveSense JAZZ™ Wireless BGM


GSF-SYRUP - Mint, Tropical, Orange Flavours

iCool Prestige
2-8 degC

WaveSense JAZZ™ Wireless BGM

Cool Bags


Blood Glucose Monitoring 


Gout Uric Acid meter

WaveSense JAZZ™ BGM
Lactate level, The Edge
 IME-DC Glucose Testing  Gout Testing  WaveSense JAZZ™ BGM  EDGE Lactate Level
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Delivery inside the UK
FREE 48 Hour Tracked shipping is used for the majority of orders to ensure your order reaches you as quickly as possible. 
Other methods (charged) are available:
Courier (next working day guaranteed if the order is received by 1130 on the previous working day) and
Special Delivery (by 1300 next working day, if the order is received by 1500, Mon - Thurs, 1000 on Fridays) are also available at extra cost.
Working Days = Monday - Friday, inclusive, NOT including public holidays.

EC and North America: charged as given when you place your order.

Freight & Insurance costs for those countries outside the European Community and North America:
These will be given after receipt of your order, when we know where you want delivery!

Tel:          +44-(0)1303-277-751
Updated:  29 April 2019

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